I’ve never blogged before


That is an actual squirrel on an actual thing in an actual parking lot eating actual bacon. If I were an different animal that would probably be me. But for some reason I was born a human and I’m laying here on my seventeenth birthday blogging for the first time because I feel like a piece of shit. One day I might tell you my name. If you comment and ask I’ll tell you my kik (maybe) but I won’t always respond. I’m black but not soo black and I’m a lesbian. But I don’t like other black girls. I got a real girlfriend once. I was sixteen and she dated me for a week. She broke up with me and her reason was she wasn’t ready for a relationship. Not long later she goes and gets a boyfriend and is with him everywhere I go. She purposely finds me and brings him with her. Girls like me, but none of the girls I like or live near. I honestly don’t want to date a charcoal black bitch with ghettoness seeping out her pores. Sorry, not sorry. But for some reason those are all the people that have any interest in me. Men like me. All the time. If I was straight, this wouldn’t be a problem. But penises disgust me. I don’t want a mans genitals to be anywhere near me. The only men I’m comfortable around are the ones that respect I’m gay and don’t mess with it. Is it weird that vaginas scare me? I mean not my own. I ignore it, but other ones. They scare me.


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