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It’s people like this..

Last night I watched the coming out video of one of my favorite youtubers Sam Collins and in the comments this one individual decided to add someone they were apparently having an argument with and said 

She should die and her body should decompose before they find her so they can identify her as a girl. (Not an exact quote because I flagged it and can’t see it anymore but you get the gist) 

First off.

 He* should die and his* decompose before they find him* so they can identify him* as a boy*.

 And no he should not die, he has every right to live his life the way he wants to. And to the commenter, you are the kind of person who should get punched in the face so hard your nose breaks and a few teeth fly out, then your insurance should bounce and then you’d have to deal with JUST ONE struggle that a trans person has. Having to spend a huge amount of money to look the way you want to look, you’d want your teeth back and your nose not sideways because you wanna look human right? Or attractive or whatever? Well most trans people have to pay out of pocket for their surgeries just like the situation in this. 
And to the comments in this picture, transgender males are NOT wannabe males. They are men or boys but they are males. They are not imposters and there is no single way to be a male. No two cisgender men are exactly the same, in 100 of them you won’t find one like the next. 

The only insanity that needs to be stopped is the craziness and stupidness that transphobic and homophobic cisgender people keep pushing on the rest of society. I am not saying all cisgender straight people are terrible, no a huge amount of them are great. Its the people who.. Whenever something they are uncomfortable with or disagree with happens they resort to hate and violence and evilness and saying you’re going to hell and this isn’t what god wanted. 

Not everyone believes in a god. Or not everyone believes in the same god. Not everyone believes in a hell to go to. But, this god that is being pushed onto the lgbtq community also supposedly created a thing called free will, and a plan? If everything is part of your gods plan why are you trying to condemn people to hell for following your gods plan? Another thing. Unless your god is the one telling you or controlling you to type your hate and inflict it upon people who don’t care what you have to say, who are you to decide who goes to hell?