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Two years and a million changes pt.2

What was I saying in part 1? Which I didn’t even label as part one but I figure if you take the time to read on WordPress you’re smart enough to figure out that this would come second. Okay so… The world is full of idiots and I have no idea how we’ve lasted this long or something like that. And….. I live in America and idiots are also in charge *insert thumbs up* 

Some not to many months ago there was an election. And apparently there are a tiny tiny amount of people with sense and then a huge amount of people without. Which is why if you added Trumps votes and Clinton’s votes you won’t come up with 100% of all the Americans who voted. Where was I going with this..? Personally I thought both of them would’ve made terrible choices to run the country and in Trumps case he bombed Syria and decided to doom all of America so I was right it seems. Why am I talking about politics? Probably because yesterday (Sunday because today’s a Monday for you closet nerds who haven’t seen any light but the light from your computer screens in weeks) I went to a trolly unveiling or whatever and in the beginning it was hot and some people were sitting and there was a person playing piano and the mayor was there being all long winded and saying absolutely nothing important. Then, the protesters came. And of course the police puffed out their chests and decided to tell the protesters they were disturbing the peace and had to go across the street. By the way I think blocking off like two city blocks and a huge amount of the road is more of a disturbance to the peace than some people with signs telling the government to stop fucking up and do their jobs right. And then one government official, decided to stand up and yell at the protesters if you don’t like it then run for office yourself. Is it just me or… Is that not how a ‘government official’ should act? As someone voted in by the people shouldn’t you oh I dunno, LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE WHO DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT YOU HAVE A JOB? 
Maybe that’s just what I was thinking. Silly me. Also, sadly it seems our first amendment rights don’t matter anymore. The poor protesters almost got arrested. Why? Because they decided to exercise their right to speak. I personally saw some handcuffs get taken out. Oh well at least nobody got shot. Onto important matters, should we have a decision on whether or not we go to war? I don’t remember agreeing to bomb Syria. I don’t remember anyone, agreeing to bomb Syria. Did you get asked if you think its a good idea? No probably not. But guess what, if you wanna complain then maybe you should’ve voted for a man or woman who can use spell check?

 Oh you did vote for someone who can? 

Oh you didn’t vote? 

😐 not my problem don’t tell me.

And onto more things that can’t be changed but are also absolute bullshit.

I just love how on YouTube videos, in the comment section you can almost always find a person with a stick up their ass complaining just for the sake of it, purposely seeking out videos they disagree with and topics they are against just to complain, argue and be an overall ass. I personally like to watch transgender youtubers. They’re my inspiration a lot of the time. I can look at how far they’ve come and dream of joining them in being happy and fulfilled in my lifetime too. And then..

I get to the comments. And it’s just like.. What the fuck is wrong with you people. Why do you spend your time being assholes to people who just want to be happy. Nobody is bothering you and you go and seek them out just to try and invalidate their feelings when you’re the one that’s wrong. Like honestly, how come people like that have their first amendment rights unhindered but protestors are gonna get arrested just for holding up signs? Am I the only one who doesn’t see where the sense in this is??

*sigh* I don’t know how to change the world and I don’t want to. Yes, I want it to change but I’m not gonna be the one to waste my time and effort on something that probably can’t be changed in my lifetime. I feel like this entire post was pointless. 

Why am I even writing? Because I have to put my thoughts somewhere. Who am I writing to? Anyone and everyone who reads what I put out. But if you want to argue with me, don’t waste your breath or the effort of your thumbs. If your ideals conflict with mine I’m not going to try and change your mind. I might rant about you later on, heck I might even name names, will that validate you?