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Sexy watch

Yesterday basically sucked. All day I was called the birthday girl. I was dragged to the beach and annoyed by my cousin and brother the whole way there. At the beach the wages treated us like ragdolls and dragged us about 300 ft away from where we started and we were lost for a good while trying to get back. Then my brother got sick from probably ingesting too much saltwater and we got out and left my cousin with her dad. There I was sitting on a comforter (what a beach blanket huh) under a beach towel trying not to get burned or darkened by the sun. My other cousin came and tried to get me to take pictures of her by the water. Which meant getting up and standing in the sun and efficiently getting darker. 

So of course I said no. Then like an hour after I got out the water trying to stay peacefully under my towel I had to use the bathroom. There was not one ANYWHERE nearby. Hollandale beach you suck. Just saying you had seaweed everywhere and a huge part of the beach blocked off for people selling and renting stuff. So I had to leave the beach, cross the street and walk through south beach barefoot and holding onto my towel trying to find a place that didn’t have a hotel guests only or customer only restroom. 7-15 minutes later I found a Subway that let me use their restroom which was nice of them because it said customers only and I didn’t buy shit. So then I went back apparently just in time to leave and took the pictures of my cousin because I’d already walked in the sun for almost half an hour and there was no reason not to anymore. On the drive back I had sand in my swim trunks courtesy of my little brother being an ass throwing sand around and it made me itchy.

We got dropped off at home and then my mom took me to Walmart to get me a present. She said something special and I wanted boxers but noooo. Supporting me in my transition isn’t special. So I got a watch and some flame colored yarn which is basically just blinding orange and a very sexy watch. 

I had no idea what I wanted for my birthday I don’t really even like things. I headed to the yarn because that’s what I like. Then wandering Walmart picking up things my mom wanted and some body wash because we were almost out, we passed the jewelry department. I stopped and browsed the watches because I happen to love watches and I found one that looked amazing (to me) and wasn’t super expensive. But there was a long line in front the jewelry lady so we went and got some head wrap thing that my mom wanted. But by the time we came back the line was gone but so was the lady behind the counter and the watch I wanted was in a case behind lock and key. I asked some random person in Walmart uniform if they worked in the jewelry department and they said they closed at 9.

It was 8:59 by the time I found the worker person. The jewelry lady left early. Slightly depressed we went to the electronic department to check out because you know, shorter lines faster checkout. And I wanted Chinese food and my favorite Chinese place closes at 10 so I was in sorta a rush. We waited in line a while then checked out and we were leaving walking past the jewelry department when I saw someone putting watches on the shelves. It was her! I ran over and asked if I could buy the watch, she hesitated because it was 9:09 but got it out for me. While I was buying it, she turned away two other people because she was closed. I was meant to have this watch and she called me sir. Im passing! Those were the absolute highlights of my day. 

This was the picture I took before I walked away so I could pick the correct one when I came back just in case I forgot.

This is the picture I took this afternoon to show my friend and

This was my fortune from my cookie. I wonder who was thinking of me so much. Definitely wasn’t my dad. Who waits until I ask him if he’s coming down for my birthday the day after to say oh he can’t come down this month because he doesn’t have any money. Funny how every time I see him he has a new car, but he never has any money or time for his children.