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There’s this person I know. Their name is Logan. Logan is.. Heavily medicated. But great. Five, almost six years I’ve known Logan. Since before the name change, the gender rejection and all the way back when we shared a teacher. 

I don’t know how to describe Logan as a person. I just know, I love them. If they ever need me for ANYTHING, I’ll be there. I’ll give Logan a kidney, a piece of my liver if they need it. They might not know it.. But they mean a lot to me.

We aren’t the closest

But our relationship is a strange one. We can go weeks or months without talking and pick up like nothing happened. I feel like if.. Logan would come to see me in even the slightest amount of way I see them. Nothing could ever go bad.

I’m stupid sometimes, and honestly don’t know a lot. But they accept me. And I love them for it.